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This research guide is designed to help you with the Policy Analysis Paper for SOWK 6141.

The Background Information page will help you find statistics, overviews, and histories of your topic. Encyclopedias and summaries are the best to place to start. Books are also good for an overview or history of an issue (click on the Books tab to start searching).

The Articles page will help you explore your topic on a deeper level. This is where you will find scholarly articles from academic journals. While you will use scholarly articles throughout your paper, I suggest you start your research in CQ Researcher or the Encyclopedia of Social Work (see Background Information page). Scholarly articles tend to have a very narrow and specific focus, so start with the overviews and summaries for context before you dive into the scholarly articles.

The Federal AG&Cs and NC AG&Cs pages contain links to advocacy groups (AG) and coalitions (C). These may be especially helpful for learning about the scope of the current problem or issue.

The Government Info, Laws, Policies page will help you find the history and specific wording of legislative bills and policies. It also has links to policy analysis from think tanks, a great resource for finding the effects and consequences of policies.

If you have any questions or would like more help, please contact Bridgette Sanders, at You may need to make an appointment, so if you need assistance don't hesitate or wait too long!

Happy researching!

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