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UNC Charlotte Repository: Welcome

This guide provides information about the UNC Charlotte repository that is administered by Atkins Library.


In support of the research and teaching missions of UNC Charlotte, Atkins Library has undertaken an initiative to collect and preserve scholarly works of UNC Charlotte's faculty, as well as selected scholarly works of UNC Charlotte’s students, in order to make their works available to a global audience via the Internet. Our repository is an open-access database for collecting, preserving, and disseminating the scholarly and creative works of UNC Charlotte's faculty and students. “Open Access” means that all works in the repository are freely accessible through the Internet. Although most works in the repository are peer-reviewed journal articles, the repository also includes technical and government reports, conference papers, book reviews, book chapters, educational documents, dissertations, theses, student papers, audio, video, and more.


Benefits from Archiving Works in the Repository

  • Each work is archived permanently with a stable server, and it has a permanent URL
  • Each work is discoverable for researchers worldwide through Internet search engines (like Google), which crawl repositories like the UNC Charlotte Repository and provide preferential treatment and keyword access to the full-text. In a keyword Google search, works in the UNC Charlotte Repository tend to fall out early in the results list, which greatly increases discoverability.
  • Google, Google Scholar, and other Internet search engines are primary discovery tools for a vast number of researchers.
  • As a result of this discoverability and free access to the text, articles that are posted in repositories like the UNC Charlotte Repository tend to be read more and cited more.
  • Statistics on how often each work has been viewed are automatically generated and appear with each citation on the author's homepage.
  • For UNC Charlotte, the Repository is a great way of validating and showcasing the value of the faculty and student research and creative works to society outside the classroom.

Contributing Work

Contributing Works to the Repository is Easy!

Any faculty member interested in contributing works or sponsoring student works in the Repository should contact Somaly Kim Wu, Digital Scholarship Librarian,

The steps that will be taken once a faculty member has contacted the Digital Scholarship Librarian are as follows:

  1. Faculty will fill out an online submission form agreeing to the terms of the repository (see Submit an Item tab) and that captures information about the item to be submitted such as file format and item description.
  2. The Digital Scholarship Lab will upload the file to the repository.
  3. Voila!


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Somaly Kim Wu
Head of Library Technology & Innovation

Open Access at UNC Charlotte