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Organizing Your Research: Digital tools


Keeping Things Safe

Reference Management Tools

Zotero Resources

EndNote Resources

Mendeley Resources

What is Dropbox?

EBSCOHost Accounts

The search interfaces for ERIC and PsycInfo are powered by EBSCOHost. EBSCOHost offers a number of features that can help you keep things organized. But you will need to create an individual account within EBSCO to access those tools. This video explains how to do this.

Google Scholar Tools

Google Scholar has several tools that can help you keep track of articles and citations as well as send you alerts. If you are on campus and/or logged into your university Google account at home, you automatically have an account within Scholar. Here's a quick overview of what tools available from Google Scholar.

Evernote to the Rescue

Introduction to Airtable

Reading and Notetaking

Citation and Formatting Tools

Collaboration Tools


Sharing Screens

Presentation Tools

Organizing your time

Additional Tools to help you get things done

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