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Open Education Resources (OER) in Libraries: Home

This page was created for a presentation at the Metrolina Library Association Conference, June 2017.

Open Textbook Collections

Here are a few sites that offer free and/or low cost textbooks. Many are international in scope. Quality of resources do vary, so make sure you review the titles thoroughly.

OER Repositories

Examples of open education resources, there are many more.

Open Courses

Examples of open education courses, there are many more.

George Mason University's OER Metafinder

Use the link below to go to the George Mason University Metafinder website or search in the box below.

Search: Mason OER Metafinder (MOM)

OER sites for K-12 

Not a complete list.

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What are they
Why use?
Where to find?
Things to Ponder

Open Education
Open Access
Creative Commons 

This video was created by Brendan Walsh (New Jersey) for a 2012 video competition ( to explain why OER Matters and can be found at

The college textbook shakedown info graphic

5 Rs of Open Education Resources Reuse Revise Remix Redistribute Retain

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Things to Ponder 

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a word cloud using several definitions of open education resources

How are you defining OER?

person holding a key

How will you provide access?

all things are not created equal - apple and orange on a balance scale

All OERs are not created equal.
Evaluation is a must!

Digital divide

Need a Game Plan

It won't be easy!

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