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Music Research Guide: Welcome

Books, articles, materials for Music Performance and Education.


Robinson HallWelcome to the Music Research Guide. This guide brings together information you can use to do research on music. Many, but not all, of the resources require being a member of the UNC Charlotte community.

Department of Music Website

Browsing for Books

If you find the call number (location) of a book or other material you are interested in, it can be useful to look at what is near them on the shelf to find other books you might want to look at. In general you can find items related to music in the M's:

M: Music
ML: Literature on Music
MT: Music Instruction and Study

At Atkins Library books whose call number starts with M are usually located on the 5th floor.

Atkins Library

You can get more information about the library here:

The library is open 24/5, and has hours every day, during regular semesters. To check the hours for specific days:

Finding Resources

Research Basics: This part of the research guide has some helpful tips for performing searches, getting writing support, evaluating websites, and figuring out if something is popular or scholarly.

Finding Information - Books & Articles: This page has links to reference resources (encyclopedias and dictionaries), information about using the library catalog for books, and links to databases that can be used to find scholarly and newspaper articles.

Scores and Sheet Music: This page has information about finding scores through the library catalog and web-based tools.

Get Research Help!: Contains your librarian's contact information, as well as other services offered by Atkins Library.

Music Databases

Arts & Architecture Librarian