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ETFS 4123 - Command and Control of Major Disasters: Welcome

Research help for ETFS4123 Command and Control of Major Disasters


An excellent guide to APA style is available online from Purdue's Online Writing Lab

Keyword Searching

Invest some time at the beginning of your research and create a list of keywords that you plan to use in searching for information for your project. Think about different ways of stating each concept that you'll use to find to assess your region--for example, if you need to look for reports on earthquake activity, try searching for earthquakes, seismic, fault line, tsunami, etc. As you find useful information, take note of the terms used to describe the topic, and if you see something relevant that you hadn't tried in your initial searches add it to the list of keywords to make your search process as comprehensive as possible.

General keywords to try for this project include disaster, emergency, response, evacuation, hazard, and terms related to the region you are evaluated (city, county, or state names in particular).

Subject Guide