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Diversity In Gaming

Gaming For Everyone

Diversity In Gaming Collection logoDigital games can lack diverse representations of identities in their characters and stories and the game industry lacks diverse representation at the companies designing and distributing games.

UNC Charlotte has a diverse gaming community and students interested in game creation. We want to help cultivate both of these areas by providing games that represent all the communities on campus, controllers that everyone can use, and resources for inclusive game design. Welcome to Diversity In Gaming, where gaming is everyone!

Give Us Your Feedback

QR code for collection surveyThe following games and controllers are being considered for inclusion in the Diversity in Gaming Collection. If you have played or used any of the items on this page, we'd love your feedback. Please take our survey by May 13, 2021 to share your thoughts or suggest additional items we should offer as part of this collection. You can take the survey more than once if you play or have played multiple games on the list.