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CIMC: Curriculum and Instruction Materials Center: Digital Resources

Information on how to find PreK-12 curriculum materials in Atkins library and beyond.

Formative Assessment Tools

Examples of web tools that allow you to conduct a variety of types of classroom assessment (not diagnostic).

Organizing Your Classroom

Here some of the most popular classroom management tools that teachers are using.

Communicating with students & parents

Here are some quick and easy tools to communicate with your students and parents outside of class.

Brainstorming/Mind Mapping Tools

Sharing/Collaborating Tools

These links will help teachers, students and parents collaborate and/or communication effectively and efficiently.


Presentation Tools

Students (and teachers) can use these tools create visually attractive presentations.

Digital Project Creation

Sites/tools that will allow teachers and students to create digital products/projects (videos, vodcasts, podcasts, etc.). Several do a great job of allowing users to mix and match content from a wide variety of media formats.


These sites will help teachers & students find quality podcasts as well as create their own.

Tools for Creating Content

Students can use these tools to create visually attractive content projects such as posters, timelines, infographics, etc.

Digital Storytelling

Just a few examples of tools for digital storytelling. Students can use them to content as well as. There are many similar sites out there.


These links will help you and your students create blogs for instruction and assignments.


Professional Development

These sites will help teachers learn about and utilize technology more effectively in their classrooms.