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Census 2020

Keep informed about the latest U.S. Census

College/University Student Info

Deadline for answering the Census questionnaire is now September 30, 2020!!


The 2020 Census is a decennial population count of the residents of the United States that is mandated by the government.  The information collected during the 2020 Census helps the federal government determine how to distribute $675 billion to the states in support of schools, businesses, roadways, emergency services and programs. 


Because you have been working and sleeping most of the semester at UNC Charlotte, you should be counted here even if you are temporarily staying at another location due to the COVID-19 pandemic response.  The U.S. Census Bureau expects you to be counted at the university site.


Live on campus?

The university is taking the lead on counting those of you who live on campus or in university-owned housing through our administrative records. Even if you are temporarily staying at another location, you will be counted here for on-campus students.  That means if you live in a residence hall or university-owned/managed apartment, you do not need to take any action – the university directly provides information to the Census Bureau.


Live off campus?

For those of you who live off campus, you will be receiving an invitation by mail to complete your survey, and can complete the survey at . If you have received the invitation by mail, use the 12-digit Census ID noted on the mailing you received when you complete the survey.  If you are away from UNC Charlotte and don’t have access to your mail, you can complete the census through the same website and select the option for no 12-digit code.  You will then use your local address here to access the questions for your 2020 Census survey. 


If you have housemates or apartment mates, identify one person to complete the 2020 Census survey for all of you that live together. If you live alone, follow the same guidelines and complete it for yourself. 


For those of you who do not normally live with your family during the semester, remind your family that as a student living in UNC Charlotte, you are being counted here and that they should not count you at home. Even though many of you are now at home due to COVID-19, the guidance we’ve received from the Census Bureau has directed that you be counted here, because for the majority of the semester you have slept and worked locally as a student at UNC Charlotte.

What you need to know...

  1. Your census data will not be shared with any other agency.

  2. You must include all the information of everyone who lives at your address. There is no designated head of household to respond to the census, but it is important for everyone’s information to be recorded.

  3. The parent or guardian at your former, non-college address should not count you on their Census form. You should be counted at the address where you live “most of the time.” Refer to the 2020 Census Residency Rules and Criteria publication for information.

  4. International students attending college in the U.S. should also fill out a Census form listing their college address. Refer to the 2020 Census Residency Rules and Criteria publication for information.

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