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SciFinder-n Information

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SciFinder-n databases

SciFinder-n is a Chemical Abstract sService (CAS) resource. The databases that comprise SciFinder-n are:


CAPlus: Bibliographic coverage from international journals, patents, technical reports, books, disserations, and conference proceedings. English language summaries from 180 different countries.

MEDLINE: Bibliographic records from the biomedical sciences from 1946. MEDLINE is the main component of PubMed and the premier National Library of Medicine database.

CAS Registry: Authoritative collection of disclosed chemical substance information dating back to the early 1900s. Substances are assigned a CAS Registry number.

CHEMLIST: CAS electronic collection of regulated chemical substances.

CASREACT: Information on synthetic organic research, including reaction conditions, yields, and catalysts.

MARPAT: Markush structure records for CAPlus-indexed patents.

CHEMCATS: Index of commercially available chemicals and associated suppliers.