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Student Government

Campaign Slogans












Charlotte College students take to the ballot box, c. 1955 (GoldmineUA0065, Box 4, Student Government Committees 1952-1965 folder)



The Engineering Party and W. G. "Bill" Henson (seated) made their way to victory in 1956 under the slogan "Vote Big E for a better CC." Charlotte Collegian, May 1, 1956 (UA0014)
















Left: Campaign Ad, Charlotte Collegian, March 30, 1965 (UA0014)

Right: “Experience is the Difference” - Terry Eaton and Heather Yale Campaign Poster (UA0091, Box 130, Elections and Presidents 1994-2000 folder)

In 2018, Niayai Lavien and Chandler Crean ran under the slogan "Strike Gold."

Photo courtesy of Niayai Lavien from NinerTimes article, March 26, 2018: "Meet the candidates: Niayai Lavien, Chandler Crean" by Alexandria Sands