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Area 49

Wood Burning

Wood burning, or pyrography, is the act of burning wood to show an image. Wood burning can be used on a variety of different types of wood but it is also a tricky skill to master. For more precise projects, a laser cutter should be used, but for a more rustic appearance the wood burner can be used to get a char.


  • Wood burners can reach high temperatures. Never touch the tip of the pen and always treat the pen as if it were hot, as the tip stays hot for a long time.
  • Always allow the tip to cool fully before attempting to change or remove tips.
  • When not in use, the wood burner should be returned to its stand.
  • Comply with all tutorial and operations instructions given by Makerspace staff.


  • Keep a wet paper towel nearby to clean the tip during use.
  • Trace or outline the image to be wood burned onto the wood.
  • Slowly follow the trace with the wood burner. The longer the tip is applied, the darker the resulting trace will be. Use the accompanying tips for varying effects.





Tips and chars
Fig. 1. Tip Head Attachments Fig. 2. Tip scorch marks