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Crayola Air-Dry clay is a natural clay that air-dries into a solid. It can be used to make sculptures or decorative items. When working with the clay, soften it with water for an easy molding process.

Clay before water clay after water Clay after molding
Fig. 1: Clay before adding water Fig. 2: Clay after adding water Fig. 3: Clay after molding

Pieces that are less than 1/4 inch thick are more fragile than thicker pieces.

It generally takes 2-3 days for a mold to fully dry, though the clay may still be carved once it is dry, and acrylic paint or watercolors may be applied.

Safety Data Sheets for clay and modeling materials.

Clay Tools

Metallic Clay Tools

Fig. 1: Metallic Clay Tools

Information on individual tool heads coming soon!

Basic Tools

Assembly Handles

Assembly Handles

Assembly Handles

Assembly heads

Holds tools in place on the handles

Cutting Tools

Plain Cutter

Plain Cutter

For smooth cuts

wavy cutters

Wave Cutters

For wavy cuts

cutter tip

Cutter Tip

For cutting straight lines

For picking up pieces without distorting

Holes & Textures



Makes small holes, textures, & piercings

fine point

Fine Point

Makes pin holes & textures

Medium point

Medium Point

Makes small holes & textures

stencil tip

Stencil Point

Makes small holes & textures

Textures & Stamps


Ball Points

Can create places for eyes & beads

rounded point

Rounded Tip

Feather Tip

Feather Tip


Script Tip


Shading/ Petals Tip

Textures & Stamps


texture points

Texture Points


Star Tip

target circles

Target Circles Tip


Moon Tip


Lines Tip