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Campus Activism


UNC Charlotte students, faculty and staff participate in the Vietnam Moratorium on October 15, 1969. The day-long event was part of a larger nationwide Vietnam Moratorium movement which involved around 500 college and university campuses across the country. At UNC Charlotte, between 300-500 people turned out to hear a series of anti-war speeches (above). Rouges 'N Rascals (1970): 30.undefined

May 1, 1970. The student government passed a resolution against the ongoing Vietnam Anti-war sentiment on campus that continued to grow throughout 1970-1971. MS0141

May 4, 1970. Notice to all Faculty from the Progressive Student Union, calling for the cancelation of classes for an anti-war strike. UA0101.

Students protest the dismissal of Dave Blevins, an adjunct professor who faced disciplinary action for releasing his students from his class so they could attend the Moratorium (on right). UA0066.

On October 15, 1971 President Richard Nixon came to Charlotte to speak on Billy Graham Day at the Charlotte Coliseum. The UNC Charlotte Progressive Political Union joined other progressive groups to organize a protest at the event. While the participants were only supposed to demonstrate in the parking lot, many of them gained entry and tried to protest during the event. These individuals, some of whom were UNC Charlotte students, were forcefully removed from the Coliseum. UA0101.