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Staff Development: New Employee Orientation

This guide is to introduce new employees to their work environment and to acquaint them with the library organization as well as to provide helpful resources to make the orientation process a positive, informative and comfortable experience.

Social Activities

 Getting Involved and Getting in the Know


 Coffee Conversations

Social event that encourages communication among the entire library staff. It is a time to chat with colleagues and get to know each other in a relaxed environment. (no agenda)



Conversations with the Dean     

Library employees are invited to a one-hour open conversation with the Dean each month. The Associate/Assistant Deans will not be invited. Anyone who has a question, has an idea that might improve our services, spaces, or collections, or wants to hear the conversation is encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served.


 Out of the Box

A social event that is designed to get staff to take a break from their everyday routine of eating at their desk. The event encourages employees to get away from their desk and have lunch with library employees. Staff participating in this event have gathered together to have lunch at the campus gardens, staff and faculty dining hall (Gold Room), South Village (SOVI) and Crown Commons, in the Student Union.

   Welcome Wagon

Getting to Know You

                        Self-Selected Group Development

  Happy Hour


                           WE ARE ATKINS!
Show Your School Spirit!
                                                       Wear Green on Wednesdays


Library Wide Committees

Library-Wide Committees