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Staff Development: New Employee Orientation

This guide is to introduce new employees to their work environment and to acquaint them with the library organization as well as to provide helpful resources to make the orientation process a positive, informative and comfortable experience.

How to Access the Building

Getting Access

VIPs (Very Important People)

Library Facilities Manager--Dan Eakle

Assistant Library Facilities Manager Lee Jefferson

Receiving/Mail Clerk--Thomas Wilson

Library Security Coordinator--Thomas Drogan

Library Security Guard-- Robert Houck

Keys- Lee Jefferson can issue your keys to your office space


Card Access--Your ID Card serves as your access to the main doors to the library. Depending on where you are located and the typical space in which you will be working, your card will be activated to the appropriate access.


You can always get out of the building at any time. The building is closed to staff on holidays unless you are a manager with a holiday exception.
Access to the 9th and 10th floors is determined by Special Collections.

Weekends-- the building can be accessed an hour before the library opens.

*****Remember**** The building is closed on holidays (Christmas, Labor Day, July 4th etc.)