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Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology ETCE 2112L_All Sections

This Surveying II Laboratory is charged with designing an engineering design proposal for the preliminary design of a detention pond located on Mary Alexander Road on the uncc campus.

University Archives-UNC Charlotte Aerial, 1995


The University Archives consist of the non-current, permanently valuable official records of the University dating from its establishment in 1946 as the Charlotte Center of the University of North Carolina. 

The University is unusually fortunate in having most of the administrative records from the early years to the present day. In addition, the Archives contain records of the faculty, minutes of the student legislature, theses, photographs and committee files. 

Copies of all University publications are deposited in the Archives, including the student newspaper and literary magazine, the University catalog and the alumni magazine.

University Archives used for your class project

The following is a list of University Archives Collections that have been selected for your class. These collections will provide guidance for you as you research historic information for your class project.

October 2013 – Surveying Class materials focusing on campus property fronted by Highway 49 (University City Blvd.) The piece of property is bounded on the left by Broadrick Blvd. and traffic circle on the north by Mary Alexander Drive.



1. Oversize folder – Aerial photographs ca. 1968-mid-2000

[some photographs may not apply to this project]


UNC Charlotte, 2-17-1968- aerial photograph[campus between highways 29 and 49; Interstate 85 being built]


UNC Charlotte, ca. 1970 – aerial photograph [Belk Gym under construction]


UNC Charlotte, late 1970s, aerial photograph with outline of campus property in yellow [no Reese, Friday, or Bookstore buildings]


UNC Charlotte, January 18, 1981 – aerial photograph


UNC Charlotte, March 1981 – aerial photograph


UNC Charlotte, ca. mid-2000s – aerial photograph


2. Oversize folder – tax and boundary maps, 1952-1991

[some maps may not apply to this project]


Tax map – Crab Orchard Township, Mecklenburg County, January 1, 1952

                Shows property owners for land that became site for Charlotte College, 1959

(campus site highlighted in red).


Boundary survey for Charlotte College, Crab Orchard Township, Mecklenburg County,

                December 22, 1958. Office of J. W. Spratt, County Surveyor. Includes names of

                owners and deed book references.


Charlotte College property map – drawn by the Mechanical Engineering Department,

                February 10, 1964


Survey for University of North Carolina at Charlotte. R. B Pharr and Associates –

                Surveying and Mapping, January 5, 1973. Includes university property bordered

                by Highways 49, 29, W. T. Harris Blvd., I-85. On reverse side: Parking deck

construction, 1973


Composite Property Map, July 12, 1991. Includes university property bordered

                by Highways 49, 29, Mallard Creek Church Road., W. T. Harris Blvd., I-85.



3. Oversize folder – maps (topographical), 1959-1997

[some maps may not apply to this project]


Charlotte Community College – March 11, 1959 from office of J. W. Spratt; boiler plant revision 5/16/1961


Site Plan, 9/1/1960, revised to 1/10/1961 – A. G. Odell and Associates


Site Plan, 2/271961 (2 sheets) – A. G. Odell and Associates – electrical service


Site plan/plot plan (2 sheets) Fine Arts building (Rowe), 2/27/1967 – Wheatley, Whisnant Associates


Athletic Fields Complex, 5/31/1976 (Odell)


Campus topo – March 1983 (1986)


Campus topo – Lowe Engineering (2 copies) – 4/8/1990


Vicinity base map, October 20, 1993


UNC Charlotte, February 21, 1997 – Campus Map [Physical Plant Department] includes location of graves adjacent baseball field.



4. Trustees Minutes, 1958-1965 (1 box)

                Volume 1: Charlotte Community College System—Minutes, 1958-1963

                Volume 2: Charlotte College—Minutes, 1963-1965



5. Miscellaneous files (1 box)


Folder 1: Aerial photographs:


Tax map Crab Orchard Township, Mecklenburg County, 1952. Proposed Charlotte College property on Highway 49.


Proposed Charlotte College property on Highway 49 in Mecklenburg County, 1959,

includes highways 49 and 29


Charlotte College (first buildings: Kennedy and Macy with barn),Hwy 49 looking northeast toward Harrisburg), 1960


UNC Charlotte, 1966-2008 (scattered)


 Overhead aerial (2010) are available on Facilities Management-Campus Maps




Miscellaneous files (1 box), continued


Folder 2: Charlotte College, 1949-1960—Memorandum of sale of real estate: Construction Brick and Tile to Trustees of Charlotte Community College, 12/29/1958 (Box 14 oversize)


Folder 3: Charlotte College, 1949-1960—Site Selection, March 28, 1957-November 18, 1960 (Box 9/226)


Folder 4: Charlotte College, 1949-1960—Trustees—Buildings and Grounds Committee—Report on Site Selection (undated, Box 11/273)


Folder 5: University Attorney—Deeds, 1959-1976 (1 folder) Access with permission of the UNC Charlotte Office of Legal Affairs[Not all deeds apply to this project.]


Folder 6: Business Affairs--Capital Improvements, 1967-1987 (Box 4) [these files may have some information about the land adjacent to the piece in this class project.]


    Roads, Walks, and Parking, 1965-1973--Subsurface investigation dormitory parking area, 1969 [includes seismic survey for parking near high rise dorms]


      Tennis Courts, 1974-1977 [tennis courts between cafeteria and Highway 49]