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HIST 2297: History of North Carolina, 1500-Present

This course explores the history of North Carolina from roughly 1500 through the present era. North Carolina's hisorical development is emphasized through three major themes: the social, political, and economic changes that have shaped the state

How-To Video: Searching Historical Newspapers

Databases and Websites


Raleigh News & Observer

NC Newspaper Locator

Edited Collections

You can find some primary sources in books.  Below is a list of relevant subject headings.  When searching for these in the catalog, try adding "sources", "documents", "correspondence" or "letters" to your search. 

North Carolina -- History -- Sources.

Moravians -- North Carolina -- History -- Sources.

North Carolina -- Church history -- Sources.

North Carolina -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Sources.

Newspapers on Microfilm

Atkins Library has a number of old newspapers on microfilm. These may be challenging to use because they do not have an index. However, if you have a specific date or narrow date range, this will help you in using the newspapers on microfilm.

Government Documents

Featured Digital Exhibits and Collections