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Bioinformatics Research Guide

Research assistance for the College of Computing and Informatics.

Pre-Registered Study Publication Format Video

Sources for transparency and best practices criteria in scholarly publishing

Understanding Authorship Criteria Video for the College of Computing and Informatics

Tailored for the College of Computing and Informatics, this video describes how authors may plan for writing manuscripts, especially with multiple authors.

Co-Authorship Standards and Suggestions

This is the link to resources for co-authorship criteria and other information.

Identifying Predatory Publishers video

Cell Line Resources Links for Publication Preparation

Describing cell line authentication processes throughout a project is often an expectation is can be a requirement for funding agencies and journals. This is a link to resources for help in determining what information is needed for the publication process.

Scientific journal review process

Select retracted or withdrawn articles and research integrity resources

Watch for retractions of articles investigated for research misconduct.