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Virtual Reference Services at J. Murrey Atkins Library

Dictionary - online searchable dictionary


2day                                                      Today

2moro/2morrow                                    Tomorrow

2nite                                                      Tonight

@                                                            At

BB                                                           Be back

B4                                                           Before

411                                                         Information

Sum1                                                     Someone

UR                                                          Your or You’re

No1                                                        No one

Any1                                                      Anyone

C U                                                         See you

CYA                                                        See ya

Lata                                                        Later

4u                                                           For you

Idk                                                          I don’t know

Lol                                                          Laughing Out Loud

R                                                             Are

Thx/10X                                                  Thanks

10Q                                                        Thank you

Wat                                                        What