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Virtual Reference Services at J. Murrey Atkins Library


-          Hello.  Can you please hold?  A librarian is working with another patron at the moment.

-          We are very busy at the moment.  Would you to leave your email address or phone number so that we can contact you later?


Library Hours

Here is a link to the daily library hours -



Public printing is available in the J. Murrey Atkins Library on the ground, first, and second floors. The cost is 9¢ per page for black-and-white and 30¢ for color. The printers are networked so users can pick up their print jobs at whichever printer is most convenient. The photocopiers also function as printers. For specialty print jobs such as printing large format or using special paper, see the Repros Copy Center.

3D printing is also available by request to the Technology Support Desk located on the second floor. For more information about 3D printing and submitting 3D printing requests, contact the Technology Services staff through the Technology Support Desk.

Paying for Printing

Students can pay for printing and copying using funds from their 49er Account deposited on their 49er ID card. This account is separate from the Optional Dining Account, although both reside on the 49er ID card. Add funds to your card in the following ways: with cash at the Value Transfer Stations (VTS) on the first and second floors; online with a debit or credit card at the Auxiliary Services website (click on Account Online); or in-person using cash, debit, or credit by going to the 49er Card Office in the Student Union.

Visitors can pay for prints and copies by purchasing a guest card at the Value Transfer Stations (VTS) on the first and second floors. The cost of the card is $1.00. Additional funds may be added using the VTS machines. When purchasing a guest card, please read the display and follow the instructions carefully to avoid losing your money.

The machines do not accept coins and do not give change; there is no change available in the building.


Course Reserves

Here is a link for information on course reserves -


 Loan Periods

General Collection: 

Undergraduate Student

21 Days

Graduate Students

60 Days

Faculty and Staff

120 Days

Ph.D Students

120 Days



Circulation Loan Period: 

Laptops circulate to university affiliated students only.

UNC Charlotte ID must be presented for checkout

Laptops circulate for a twenty four hour loan period with no renewals. There is a four hour wait before next check out for the same patron

Laptop Fines: 


Laptop fines are $1.00 per hour or any part of an hour.


-          Hello.  Can you please hold?  A librarian is working with another patron at the moment.


-          We are very busy at the moment.  Would you like to leave your email address and/or phone number so that we can contact you later?

Patron Noise

Script for handling patron complaints about noise or inappropriate behavior in the library


1.       Thank patron for reporting this incident.


2.       Ask patron to:

A.       Describe the kind of disturbance  (music, loud talking, fighting, etc.)

B.      Describe exactly where in the library this disturbance is occurring.

C.      Describe persons responsible for this disturbance (how many people involved; physical description of persons creating disturbance)

D.      Has the patron asked the persons creating disturbance to stop that behavior?


E.       If this is a ‘noise complaint’ Chat Librarian should determine if the patron reporting the incident is in a “designated quiet area” in the Library and tell the patron where these “designated quiet areas” are.


F.       Even though the disturbance may not be occurring within a “designated quiet area”, Atkins Library has a “Patron Conduct Policy” which states:


Patron Conduct Policy

In order to maintain a facility conducive to study and research, library patrons are required to refrain from the following activities:

Disrupting behavior which disturbs library use (including rowdiness, noise, cell phone conversations, and offensive sexual behavior). NCGS 14-132, NCGS 14-288.4, NCGS 14-190.9, 14-196, 14-202, UNC Charlotte Policy Statement #58, UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility Standards D, S and V.



G.     Chat Librarian should immediately report complaint to Security and ask them to investigate.