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Atkins Library's Virtual Recharge Room

Take a Break

While it may not seem like it, taking a break can indirectly improve your productivity.  When you step away from a task and come back to it, you can improve your focus and concentration. Have you taken a study break today?

Refresh your Self Care Strategies

Research shows that coping strategies you’ve used in the past may not be as effective during COVID. Don’t get discouraged! Get back to old coping strategies, or try some new ones. Play and self-care can lead to improved brain functioning and increased well-being. Audre Lorde reminds us, “I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgence. Caring for myself is an act of survival.”

Practice Self-Compassion

When we are stressed, it can be easy to fall into negative self-criticism. When you start to notice the negative thinking and self-talk, take the opportunity to change the channel and practice self-compassion. One way to do this is by naming 3 good things and 1 action. What are 3 things you are proud of? They can be things about yourself or things you are grateful for. What is 1 way you can take care of yourself?

Talk to Someone

One strategy to manage stress is to talk about your concerns.  This can be with a friend, family member, mentor, or whoever you trust. Know that CAPS staff and Atkins librarians are here to help.

Remember You're Not Alone

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the CDC has reported an increase in academic and mental health distress. It is ok to feel isolated and overwhelmed during COVID. You don’t have to be alone in these feelings.

Celebrate your Successes

This semester has been full of challenges. You have demonstrated resilience and persistence. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes, even the seemingly small ones, you deserve it!