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Art Research Guide: Welcome

A starting point for finding information on art materials and techniques. There is a separate Guide for Art History.

Brainstorming Topics & Search Terms

The image above is annotated to show the variety of possible search terms (and combinations of search terms) and the library resources & online sources that can be found using them. 

Art Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Artists as Researchers

Why Do Art Students Need Library Resources?

Research process for art & design

Arts and Architecture Librarian

Jenna Rinalducci's picture
Jenna Rinalducci


As your librarian, I communicate, consult and collaborate with students and faculty; instruct classes, and provide one-on-one research assistance in person, by phone, through e-mail.

In addition, I select books, journals, multimedia, online sources and other scholarly materials for the Arts and Architecture.

Need help? Just ask -- I look forward to working with you!

More information:

Library Hours

Create Your Art in Virtual/Augmented Reality

College Art Association News

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