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Augmenting Your Library: QR Codes

This guide was created to support a presentation at the Metrolina Conference (June 2017)

bulletin board with qr codes pinned to it

QR Codes in the Library

Many of the ideas discussed on the sites below can easily be translated into more robust projects using Aurasma Studio or other augmented reality software programs.

It all started with this...

qr code on the spine of a book

Jason Fleming, Boring & Mondane Blog (10/21/11)

qr code in the journal stacks of a library

Upper Hutt City Library, New Zealand

Ideas on How to use QR codes in your Library

  • Get feedback. Link to a poll or feedback page so users can ask questions, share comments or complaints.

  • Get fast action. Post in trouble spots in the libraryl so you can instantly get a text when a problem arises.

  • Audio tours. Create a guided tour of the library so users can listen to audio and watch videos.

  • Information desk. Put where students frequently have questions. Scan the code, and it sends a text to someone who can answer questions.

  • For appointments. Put on your office door and link it to an online calendar so students can check your availability and book an appointment.

  • Share your vCard. Put whiteboard so students can capture and store your contact information.

  • Pique curiosity. Use the QR Code treasure hunt generator at to create QR Codes with questions and answers and post them all around your classroom or school.

  • Enhance the value of books and handouts. Point students to additional resources.

  • Access Wi-Fi. Are you sick of telling users how to log onto the classroom’s Wi-Fi? Link them directly to the login page.

Many of the ideas discussed above can easily be translated into more robust projects using Aurasma Studio or other AR software programs.

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