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Area 49

Large Format Printers

These printers are used for plotter prints, such as posters. We have two types of paper. Bright White is similar to computer paper and is used for quick prints. Instant Dry Satin is coated with a glossy finish, and is thicker. The length of the print can be as long as the roll, but the maximum width is 36 inches.

Printers General Info

HP DesignJet T1300

HP DesignJet T1300

Location: Makerspace

HP DesignJet T520HP DesignJet T520

Location: T3

Lanyard Color: Red

Use options:


  • $1.80/ft (B&W)
  • $6.00/ft (Color)


Printing Using a PC

  1. Open any PDF or JPG in Adobe Photoshop (open > select file > enter desired length and width > Ok). Open any PowerPoint in the PowerPoint program.
  2. File > Print.
  3. For Photoshop, rotate the print so the dimensions will fit correctly on the paper. The preview may not look correct.
  4. For Photoshop, go to print settings. For PowerPoint, go to print properties.
  5. Change the print paper size. Custom > enter width and length > Save > Yes > Ok > Ok. Remember that the maximum width is 36”.
  6. Under “paper source” choose the correct roll for your desired paper type and click Ok.
  7. The preview will change to the correct dimensions. Once it looks correct, print > proceed.
  8. Bring your print to the Makerspace Monitor, who will measure it and take down the information for payment. Head down to the Circulation Desk on the first floor to pay for your print.
  9. Troubleshooting:
    • In Photoshop, if the print preview orientation does not look correct, choose "Landscape" on the first print dialog box before sending it to the printer. It should look correct in the print preview.
    • If print's color is off, and it is not a low-ink issue, check Photoshop's first print dialog box and ensure that is says "Colors Managed by Printer," rather than by Photoshop.

Printing Using a USB Drive

  1. Open any PDF in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (open > select file > enter desired length and width > Ok). Open any PowerPoint in the PowerPoint program. Save this to the USB drive.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the plotter printer port located above the power button.
  3. On the LCD screen, click on USB Drive then select the file to be printed. Files that can be printed are indicated with a check ; files that cannot be printed are indicated with an X. You can select folders to browse their contents.
  4. Default print settings are displayed. To change them, select Settings. The following settings are available:
    • Size: resize the print to a percentage of its original size, or to fit a particular paper size.
    • Color: choose color or grayscale printing.
    • Print quality: set print quality to Best, Normal or Fast.
    • Roll: select roll 1 or 2 or choose “Save paper,” which chooses the narrowest roll on which the print will fit.
    • Rotation: rotate the print by 90° or automatically, which will rotate the print to save paper.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the print settings, press Start.
  6. Bring your print to the Makerspace Monitor, who will measure it and take down the information for payment. Head down to the Circulation Desk on the first floor to pay for your print.

Loading Paper

  1. From the front panel, press the info button, then the roll icon, then Load roll 1 or Load roll 2. You should stand behind the printer when loading the rolls. If you start to load one roll when another is already loaded, the preloaded roll is withdrawn to the standby position, so reloading is not necessary.
  2. Open the roll cover.
  3. Take the spindle from the printer and load a new roll onto it. Make sure it is the correct type of paper.
  4. Rest the spindle’s black end on the left roll holder and the blue end on the right holder.
  5. Feed the edge of the paper into the printer. Do not feed the paper into the cut-sheet slot (shown below). WARNING: Do not push your fingers inside the printer's paper path. 

 Cut sheet slot

  1. Roll the paper into the printer until you feel resistance. The printer will feed it automatically once detected. The printer will cancel the load if there are curved or bent edges. Ensure the paper is cut in a straight line before feeding.
  2. On the front panel, select the paper category and type. Instant Dry Satin is Photo Paper > HP Premium Satin Photo Paper. Bright White is Bond and Coated Paper > HP Bright White IJ Paper.
  3. Close roll cover.

Click here for video instructions.

Checking Ink

When there is a low ink notification, press the info button, then the ink button to check the ink levels. Only change the cartridge when there is less than 15% ink or the print quality is poor.


"Update Firmware" Error Message

If an update firmware error message appears on the LCD screen, power off the printer using the switch in the back and unplug it from the outlet. Plug it back in and power it on. It will begin italicizing and loading. It should completely load and you'll then be able to use the printer as usual.

Loading freezes at 94%

If the loading freezes at 94% then switch it on and off again. Between 30% and 94% you'll hear some movement from within. That sound is the cartridge moving back and forth. When the cartridge is in the middle, open the lid, so it stops. Take out each print head and put each back in. Close the lid. The printer will either continue loading on its own or give the paper jam error message. Turn the power on and off using the switch in the back a final time and it should load properly. For further explanation, visit this link.

"Edges Not Found" Error Message

This means the sensor didn’t see at least one of the paper corners. Cut an even line across the paper and reinsert it into the printer. If you get an "edges not found" error message when loading paper, continue to manually feed the paper at the same time that the machine is feeding/pulling the paper in.


Maximum Width

For a PowerPoint file with a width larger than 36 inches, rotate the file 90 degrees. Continue selecting all print settings as usual, then click "layout/output" in the lower right corner. Click the drop down menu and select to rotate 90 degrees. The page preview in the print settings should show you the correct way for printing. The print preview will not show the rotation.


Cannot Change Artboard Size

If you are having trouble changing the artboard size, follow the same steps form Photoshop, but in Illustrator.