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Area 49


The laminator is only available to students in the College of Education. Any education student wishing to use the laminator should contact Abby Moore at

Laminator General Info

Laminator photo

GB Pinnacle 27 EZ Load

Location: T3

Lanyard Color: Yellow

Use options:

  • Request (coming soon)

Cost: $0.50/linear ft

Laminating your work

  1. Ensure that loose clothing is out of the way and lanyards are moved to the back for safety.
  2. Adjust the setting of the laminator. Thicker and dark paper should run at speeds 1-5 or peeling or bubbles may result. Thinner and lighter color paper should run between 6-10 or wrinkles or a cloudy finish may occur.
  3. Run a test on blank paper first. Make changes to the speed if needed.
  4. Open the flap and move the blue guider to a start position that will allow the item to sit in the middle. Close it when in the desired position.
  5. Press "RUN/STOP" and begin slowly guiding the paper into the rollers. Let it go when you feel the machine pull the paper. Make sure the item is smooth the whole way through the machine.
  6. When finished, press "RUN/STOP" to stop.
  7. Use the lever in the back to cut the film.

Loading and unloading film

  1. Ensure that loose clothing is out of the way and lanyards are moved to the back for safety.
  2. Turn on the laminator
  3. Remove the blue plate by unlocking the red levers and lifting the heat shield up and away from the laminator.
  4. Cut a horizontal line across both the top and bottom sheets
  5. Remove the heat shield by sliding the lever from the top left to the right, and pull it off.
  6. Unlock both sides at the empty roll and pull off the roll.
  7. Insert a new roll, and match the color ends of the film. Lock both sides.
  8. Pull film out and over the cut access film. Since the machine is hot, the film should adhere.
  9. Replace the heat shield.
  10. Run the laminator for a few seconds (press "RUN/STOP") so the wrinkled plastic does not show on the final product. Examine the film to make sure both sheets of film are even and stick to each other seamlessly. Once the wrinkled section has moved away, press "RUN/STOP" again to stop the laminator.