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SciFinder-n Information

The new SciFinder-n

SciFinder-n is now available to UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, and students. A complete transition from SciFinder Web will be delayed from the original January 8, 2020 deadline.   Log-in and registration information and links are below. Please use the link below or scroll down to SciFinder-n in the library's database A-Z list, so that you may access the discovery tool directly, if on campus, or through the OpenAthens proxy, if at an off-campus location. Faculty can also use their VPN account to access through office computers.


Recently there have been technical issues with accessing the tool, viewing account profile information, and loading all results list articles in some browsers. Hopefully, these problems will be resolved soon. If you are unable to use SciFinder-n,  please use SciFinder Web or Web of Science.

SciFinder-n is a completely new discovery tool - not an upgrade of SciFinder Web

SciFinder-n is the newest tool from the Chemical Abstracts Service (a division of the American Chemical Society) created to decrease the amount of time searching for information. Features include: Reactions, substances, and references may be searched simultaneously with advanced relevance ranking algorithms returning the best results. The touch-pad friendly interface optimizes chemical structure drawing with ChemDoodle. Filtering reaction searching wtih Experimental Protocols allows access to MethodsNow Synthesis, a collection of synthetic protocols from major chemical publishers. Citation maps are displayed for documents showing forward and backward citations.

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