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MFPA 6124 - Fire Service and the Community

Finding articles

Fire safety journals are indexed in many different databases. Using the "articles" search tab on the library home page lets you search several databases at once, or use one of the following links.

Searching for books

It is unlikely that you will find a book in the library catalog that is specifically about public relations for fire departments. Try searching more generally to find useful items--look for books about publi relations, or community outreach, or public administration. Then look at the table of contents to see if there are chapters that might be interesting for this project.

Search the library catalog here:

Using Google (carefully!)

Finding examples of public relations and community outreach websites from actual fire departments may be helpful in this class. An easy way to find this type of information (without any unrelated results) is to search on Google while limiting your results to government websites only. 

You can do this by adding the phrase (with no spaces) to any keyword search on Google. This means that only pages with a .gov URL will be returned. Try keywords like fire department community, or fire department public relations, along with in a Google search below. You should see results from fire departments and municipal public relations groups across the country.

Google Web Search

Reports, codes, and standards

Subject Guide