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Open Education Resources (OERs) In Academia: Home

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What are they
Why use?
Where to find?

Things to Ponder

Open Education
Open Access
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65% of students report not purchasing a textbook because of its high price

U.S. PIRG Education Fund and the Student PIRGs. 2014. Fixing the Broken Textbook Market. 

college textbook prices rose 82% between 2003 and 2013, triple the rate of inflation

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2014. Consumer Price Index Databases. 

5 Rs of Open Education Resources Reuse Revise Remix Redistribute Retain

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Things to Ponder 

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all things are not created equal - apple and orange on a balance scale

All OERs are not created equal - Evaluation is a must!

Digital divide


OER Repositories

These sites include a variety of learning objects covering a wide range of disciplines.

Open Courses

Open Textbook Collections

Here are a few sites that offer free and/or low cost textbooks. Many are international in scope. Quality of resources do vary, so make sure you review the titles thoroughly.

Additional Resources

In an effort not to reinvent the wheel (or in this case a research guide), here are two additional research guides that provide additional information and resources.

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