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HIST 2600: Great Depression and New Deal : Secondary Sources

This course will familiarize students with the history of the New Deal and how that history has been re-interpreted overtime.

Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary means written at or near the time of the historical event.

Secondary means written many years later, probably by a scholar researching the historical event.

Article Databases

Google Scholar

Research Tips

When using Academic Search Premier and Historical Abstracts, be sure to use "And" between the terms.  (E.g. Black death AND Italy)
Quotation Marks...
When using JSTOR an AND is automatically inserted between every word. To keep words together as a phrase, use quotation marks. (E.g. "Black death" Italy) 
An asterick at the end of a word can find alternate endings. (E.g. Jew* will find Jew, Jews, Jewish, etc)

Catalog search box

Bibliography for Depression and New Deal Sources


How-To Videos

You can find videos on searching for books, finding books on the shelf, requesting materials from other libraries, and more at the Atkins Library YouTube Channel.