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GEOG3100: The City and Its Region: Welcome

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The City and Its Region

     Welcome to Atkins Library.  Your class will use Census data for several assignments over the course of the semester. This guide was created to help you in doing your research.

Census Information

Why take a census? It is mandated by the Constitution.

Where do the questions on the Census form come from? The answers to Census questions support federal and community needs for the data . For more information on the questions on the 2010 census, click here. For more information about the questions on the American Community Survey, click here.

The 2010 Census and the American Community Survey use census geographies. Click here for information about how the Census Bureau defines geographic areas.

The American Community Survey is based on one-year, three-year and five-year estimates. Click here for information about the differences between the three estimates. Click here to learn what types of information can be found on the American Community Survey.

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