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CIMC: Curriculum and Instruction Materials Center: Home

Information on how to find PreK-12 curriculum materials in Atkins library and beyond.


The Curriculum and Instruction Materials Center (CIMC) is a specialized collection of resources for preschool through high school educators. Its primary mission is to assist education majors in the development of intructional activities by providing access to state-of-the-art instructional resources and technologies. The CIMC is located on the second floor of the J. Murrey Atkins Library. The CIMC is accessible anytime the library is open.

What We Do

The Education Liaisons provide instructional support for under-graduate and graduate education courses. These mini workshops lasting anywhere from 1 to 3 hours are designed to assist students in successfully completing course assignments. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • orientation to the CIMC including how to locate instructional resources in Atkins library and in cyberspace.
  • ERIC database searching.
  • evaluating and locating education resources on the Web.
  • integration of children's and young adult literature into the curriculum.
  • integration of instructional technologies into the curriculum.
  • workshops on Web 2.0 tools
  • hands-on workshop with NASA educational resources.

The Education Liaisons also assist students and faculty in locating resources in all formats for both instructional and research purposes. They are also available to help students and/or faculty design instructional experiences using multimedia formats and web 2.0 technologies.

CIMC Circulation Policy

  • CIMC materials circulate for three (3) weeks and can be renewed twice.
  • Remember there are a limited number of materials and a large number of students who need them. So please return the materials as soon as you are finished with them.
  • Please DO NOT take all the materials in one subject particularly at the secondary level where there are only a few titles for each subject.
  • Please Return materials Promptly.

CIMC Classification System

CIMC Call Numbers

Materials in the CIMC are first arranged by subject numbers listed below, then by publisher, series and grade level.

Reading/Language Arts 53 Algebra/Pre-Algebra (6-12)
01 Handwriting (K-8) 54 General Math (6-12)
02 Reading & Language Arts (K-5) 55 Integrated Math
03 Spelling (K-8) 56 Geometry (6-12)
04 Kindergarten/Preschool 57 Middle School Math (6-8)
05 Critical Thinking Vocational Education
The Arts 60 Career Education
12 Music (K-12) 68 Guidance/Workplace Readiness
13 Visual Arts (K-12) Science
14 Dance (K-12) 71 Elementary Science (K-8)
15 Theater Arts/Drama (K-12) 72 Biology (6-12)
17 Instumental Music (4-12) 73 Chemistry (6-12)
18 Choral Music (4-12) 74 Physical Science
Foreign Languages 75 Physics (6-12)
21 French (K-12) 76 Special Sciences (6-12)
22 Latin (7-12) 77 Anatomy/Physiology
23 Spanish (K-12) 78 Earth Science (6-12)
24 German (K-12) Social Studies
Health/Physical Ed. 81 Elementary Social Studies (K-5)
31 Health/Phys. Ed. (K-8) 82 NC History
32 Health/Phys. Ed. (9-12) 83 US History/Geography (6-12)
English/Language Arts 85 World History/Geography (6-12)
41 English/Lang. Arts. (6-12) 86 Sociology (6-12)
42 Literature/Reading (6-12) 87 Economics (6-12)
43 Remedial Reading (6-12) 88 Government/Pol. Sci (6-12)
45 English Second Language Special Education
Mathematics 94 Learning disabilities
51 Elementary Math (PreK-5) 96 Life Skills
52 Advanced Math  


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