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EndNote 101: Exporting

Everything you need to get started with EndNote.

Basic Methods

Three Ways to Add Citations to Your EndNote Online Library


1) By Direct Exporting   -    Many of our databases allow easy addition of citations directly from the  database into  EndNote

2) By Online Searching   -   This method is good for searching library catalogs and a few 
                                                              databases like Web of Knowledge and PubMed.
3) Manual Entry  - 
You may need to either copy and paste a citation or manually enter it.

Online Searching

EndNote provides the capability to search some databases directly from EndNote and seamlessly import citations into an EndNote library. Note: not all databases are searchable from within EndNote.

  1. Select Tools on the EndNote menu bar and choose Online Search…
  2. Select the database you wish to search, in this case PubMed, and click Connect. Note: Some database that are only available by subscription are not searchable via EndNote. If you are prompted for a UserID and password, see the specific instructions on the Connecting to Databases tab of the EndNote guide (  or contact a librarian.
  3. Enter your search. You will most likely only have a limited selections of fields in to search. Click Search.
  4. Enter the number of references you want to view. In this example, we will look at the first 20 of the 613 references that were retrieved in the above search.
  5. Click any of the references to view the full record in the bottom pane within the Preview tab.


Direct Exporting

Manual Entry

Adding References Manually

In some cases, you may want or need to enter a reference manually. Since this is the most basic way to enter a reference into your EndNote library, we are discussing it first.

  1. From the EndNote References Menu, choose New Reference.


  2. In the New Reference dialog box, choose the type of reference you are creating from the Reference Type drop down menu. It is important to choose the appropriate reference type for proper formatting of your references and bibliography.


  3. Click to select a field (author, year, title, etc.) into which you want to enter information. In the above example, the Author field is selected. Type in the information, then go on to the next field. If you don't need information for a field, you can leave the field blank.


      4.   Close the New Reference window. The reference will now appear in your EndNote library.